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All of our cats and kittens are rescued which we have come from a small local shelter a fantastic cat rehoming shelter. We have re-homed them all here at Mog on the Tyne as perminent redisents! We feel it’s so important to raise awareness of homeless, stray and abandoned cats and so we highly recommend adopting cats from a shelter. Here are our moggies who are dying to meet you all…


We have made a little YouTube video to keep you up to date with our mogs (they’re growing so fast!). Also if you’ve never visited us before, this is a great way to learn all their names!


Stan the man, was the first member of our family and is our oldest cat at 5 years old. He likes sitting on people’s heads and absolutely LOVES food. He suffered a terrible road accident before being rescued. Miraculously he survived and the only side effect has been his tongue on show and a massive appetite at all times. Stan is a lovely, friendly, cuddly fellow who loves lots of attention so long as he’s in the mood! He definitely thinks he is human folk and bonds with people better than his own kind sometimes.


Meet Sybil, our female half bengal, tabby kitty. She’s a tiny, cute bundle of joy and right now but don’t be fooled by her good looks – she may steal your belongings! Our bengals are little thieves and love to snoop in your bag. She is seriously all about play time – especially when it involves pouncing on her brother Rum. You will probably find them snuggled up together behind a cushion where you’re just about to sit, until you see a small paw or a tail sticking out.
They tend to stick together a lot, it’s adorable!