Mog on the Tyne

All of our cats and kittens are rescued which we have come from a small local shelter a fantastic cat rehoming shelter. We have re-homed them all here at Mog on the Tyne as perminent redisents! We feel it’s so important to raise awareness of homeless, stray and abandoned cats and so we highly recommend adopting cats from a shelter. Here are our moggies who are dying to meet you all…


Gladys arrived at the café at just 8 weeks old, being the only kitten of her litter ready to leave the shelter. Don’t let her small size fool you though, she is slowly becoming the big boss around here and is giving Stan a run for his money! She loves nothing more than a good bound around the café after any toys she might discover, any cat tails she comes across and even sometimes her own tail. She is definitely a welcome addition into our little Mog family, and we think she will make a big impact on you lovely customers too!


Gary was the last of his triplets at the shelter and spent a couple of weeks playing around there before finding his furrever home here at the café. He was the most socialable and excitable kitten at the shelter, so we knew he would be perfect here! He started off not quite as confident as Gladys (who arrived at the same time as him) but within a week of living at the café, he was already following Stan around looking for scraps of hooman food! He is definitely going to be as greedy as Stan, if not greedier! He is our first long haired cat and we can’t wait to watch him grow and his fur thicken over the next few years.


Stan the man, was the first member of our family and is our oldest cat at 5 years old. He likes sitting on people’s heads and absolutely LOVES food. He suffered a terrible road accident before being rescued. Miraculously he survived and the only side effect has been his tongue on show and a massive appetite at all times. Stan is a lovely, friendly, cuddly fellow who loves lots of attention so long as he’s in the mood! He definitely thinks he is human folk and bonds with people better than his own kind sometimes.


Meet Sybil, our female half bengal, tabby kitty. She’s a tiny, cute bundle of joy and right now but don’t be fooled by her good looks – she may steal your belongings! Our bengals are little thieves and love to snoop in your bag. She is seriously all about play time – especially when it involves pouncing on her brother Rum. You will probably find them snuggled up together behind a cushion where you’re just about to sit, until you see a small paw or a tail sticking out.
They tend to stick together a lot, it’s adorable!


Our little male half bengal Rum absolutely loves a good stroke and always lies down because he enjoys it so much. His tail wags so fast like a dog when he’s happy! His identical sister and himself are still only kittens, with the most beautiful markings. The only way to tell them apart is because Rum is bigger than petite Sybil. They play best with each other and its the cutest thing to watch. They wrestle around the cafe! Who says brothers and sisters can’t get along, they totally love each other. Rum’s favourite toys are actually bouncy balls. If little Sybil lets out a cry, Rum is right there to rub himself against her like ‘big bro is here!’
We just know you’ll fall in love with Rum, he’s addictive!


Our mammy cat! Gizmo is around 1 year old and so is a young mummy to our two black kittens; Maggie & Sir Francis. She is extremely slow, cautious and curious so will usually just watch what’s going on rather than join in! Her party trick is catching a fly and eating it in one slow, cool swoop. She fully recognises her name so try calling her over and she will be impressed. Gizmo always bows her head for a stroke and is extremely friendly. She will look up at you with her big beautiful eyes and you won’t be able to resist! We especially love her two tone face and tortoise shell colouring which makes her extra unique.


Jaffa is our big loveable ginger tom cat. He loves to nap so there’s a 80% chance he will be asleep on your visit but if not, you will catch him jumping on the desk for attention from staff, which sends all of our flyers across the cafe! As soon as you touch him, he’s on instant purr mode. He likes to lick your face and get belly rubs. On his regular check up, our vet could only just hear his heartbeat as his purr was just so loud! Our little ones love to snuggle into his smooth fur so if Jaffa is ever missing, we know he’s just babysitting.


Tyrian is our smallest yet most adventurous family member. Although she is small, she’s mighty, which is where she got her name! She can switch from play mode to stroke mode faster than our other kittens, which makes her super friendly even at this young age. Her favourite hobby (of course after trying to steal the cream from your hot chocolate) is climbing across our bridge! She even naps up there for some peace and quiet. You will probably find her coming over and giving you a good sniff to suss you out. If your very still, she will climb on to your lap for a short while and will never shy away from a stroke – before going off to chase something again!

Rehomed Cats –>

If we adopt any cat that becomes unhappy or is not mixing well with our other cats anymore, we find nice new furrever homes for them! We specifically pick homes that will cater to their needs, whether it be a single cat household, a house with a garden, a house with no children etc. Here are our previous residents which you may have met in the past…