Mog on the Tyne


Stan the man was the first member of our family and he is the oldest out of all our moggies, but age is only a number and we are sure Stan feels as fresh as a kitten. Stan has a very big personality, he enjoys getting morning cuddles sat on the settee, if you’re lucky he may sit on your lap. On the other hand you can usually find him trying to steal all the customers food, which he certainly believes is his food and not for anyone else. If Stan isn’t causing mischief around the cafĂ© he will be snoozing at the top of a cat tree. Stan will get very protective over the cat trees, so when you see him lazing on them, he would prefer to be left alone. Stan suffered a terrible road accident before being rescued. Miraculously he survived and the only side effect has been his tongue on show and a massive appetite at all times. One thing we know for sure Stan is the ‘Boss’ of everyone. (Including the staff)