Mog on the Tyne

About us

Mog on the Tyne is Newcastle’s first cat café! 

The café has been designed after extensive research, to ensure that both our cat family and customers have the best experience at all times. The welfare and happiness of our cats and guests are at the forefront of our minds and in everything we do at the café. Our cats have dedicated areas to relax when they need down time
and the booking schedule has been designed to have a one hour break in the middle of the day for serious cat naps.

The food we serve is locally sourced and brought to us fresh on a daily basis. We have a selection of gourmet sandwiches and the best cakes we’ve ever tasted created by the wonderful Kay and Kate at the Pet Lamb Patisserie. You won’t be able to leave without eating at least one!






Lara – Owner
Lover of all things feline or red, Lara has a background in Animal Management and an unhealthy obsession of taking pictures of kitten cuteness. Sporting cat tattoos and vans shoes, she’ll happily chat to you about the cats and their personalities!

Cats Katie
Katie Jane – Founder
Katie Jane Glazier, a cat, cake and music lover. She lives on a narrow boat and originally hails from the ancient city of York. She’s a lot Yorkshire and very friendly!

Maddi – Management Maddi is studying her Phd focusing on international law but her first passion in life is Moggies! Especially our very own lovely prudence. She is also our very own resident cattastic jewellery maker. 

Ellie – Ellie is a lover of all things spooky and cat related! Her love of Halloween is obvious through her many tattoos of ghosts, bats – you name it! One of her favourite pass times is to snuggle up with her own feline pals and watch Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas.