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In Loving Memory of our little Goth boy – 

Goth was our mystical and mysterious alpha male who had a particular keen interest in sofa’s. He loved all things food, sleep and human affection. Our lone wolf will lure you in with his big puss in boots eyes for a good stroke. He definitely listened to My Chemical Romance when the humans aren’t around.

We loved watching Goth take on the roll of cool uncle with the kittens, he never failed to keep them in line and show them the ropes! He will be a massive miss in the cafe, we will speak of fond memories and tell you all about his adventures. 


Finch is our little silver grey kitten, who is super playful. He’s taken a liking to human food (he’s not daft!) so watch out for this one! He’s often found tumbling around with his brother Fox or snuggling up with his sister Sparrow. We’re sure he’ll grow into his ears soon…


Fox is our ginger male kitten, with brother Finch and sister Sparrow living here in our cafe with him too! His tiger stripe fur is amazing and super soft. He loves a fuss and is super friendly with anyone. He is probably our most playful and loves to chase fast toys/feathers that are on a stick! He loafs on the floor and may even fall sleep there just incase someone decides to play, serious dedication!


This sassy little lady has to keep her two brothers (Finch and Fox) in check. She likes to get a moment to herself to relax and have a clean but usually her brothers pounce on her and boy, can she fight back! She is super friendly, likes to snuggle with her brothers at snooze time and also loves a human fuss but just like most kittens.. play time is her favourite! 


Thor is our steely coloured heart throb of the group. If his ever changing fur doesn’t pull you in then his orange toned eyes will be sure to capture your attention. He love’s a good run around with his buddy Nacho and is always on the look out for mischievous opportunities. We think he’s got a soft spot for Gary but don’t tell him we told you or he’ll be super embarrassed!


Gary was the last of his triplets at the shelter and spent a couple of weeks playing around there before finding his furrever home here at the café. He was the most socialable and excitable kitten at the shelter, so we knew he would be perfect here! He is our first long haired cat and we can’t wait to watch him grow and see his fur thicken over the next few years. His hobby on the weekends is lead singer in his tribute band: Gary White (Gary has a very deep meow!)


Pumpkin is our certified rascal of the group! If there’s a bang, crash or clatter.. it’s pumpkin up to his usual mischief. Although being one of the youngest, he acts as quite the alpha – but the friendliest alpha you could ever meet. He likes to stretch his long body from the table casually to the kitchen door lock to try his luck everyday, you know.. just in case.


Nacho is our friendly easy going boy, who’s favourite thing in the world is his pink cushion! If you’re resting on it, beware! He definitely will force you off it so he can pad at it! It’s very cute to watch and shows he is still a baby at heart. A lot of people get confused between Nacho and Fox, but Nacho has more white – especially on his long legs with white paws too. We think he’s going to grow super tall!


Dexter is our senior member of the gang currently at 8 years old. He merely has time for the little ones chasing silly toys and is more interested in the good stuff, food! He likes to graze on different spots in the cafe, but he seems to find the cat tree’s comfiest.
He very much reminds us of a cat we once had resident here.. can anybody guess who?! 😛