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Goth is our mystical and mysterious alpha male who has a particular keen interest in sofa’s. He loves food, sleep and human affection (but not so much from other cats!) Our lone wolf will lure you in with his big puss in boots eyes for a good stroke. He definitely listens to My Chemical Romance when the humans aren’t around.


Nacho is our most playful and lively little rascal! Even if he’s napping, a stick with a feather on the end will surely get his ears twitching followed by a pounce. A lot of people get confused between Nacho and Fox, but Nacho has more white – especially on his long legs with white paws on the end. We think he’s going to grow super tall!


Finch is our little silver grey kitten, who is super playful. He’s taken a liking to human food (he’s not daft!) so watch out for this one! He’s often found tumbling around with his brother Fox or snuggling up with his sister Sparrow. We’re sure he’ll grow into his ears soon…


Fox is our little ginger male kitten, with brother Finch and sister Sparrow living here in our cafe with him too! His tiger stripe fur is amazing and super soft. He loves a fuss before settling down for a nap but most of all, he loves to chase fast toys!


This sassy little lady has to keep her two brothers (Finch and Fox) in check. She likes to get a moment to herself to relax and have a clean but usually her brothers pounce on her and boy, can she fight back! She is super friendly, likes to snuggle with her brothers at snooze time and also loves a human fuss but just like most kittens.. play time is her favourite! 


Thor is our steely coloured heart throb of the group. If his ever changing fur doesn’t pull you in then his orange toned eyes will be sure to capture your attention. He love’s a good run around with his buddy Nacho and is always on the look out for mischievous opportunities. 

Bear & Wednesday

Meet our new little additions to the Mog on the Tyne family Bear and Wednesday! They came to us from a farm in York and it’s safe to say they’ve settled in so quickly giving a new lease of energy to the cafe residents, even sleepy Jaffa wants to stay awake and play with them!


We have two new rescue cats from a cat sanctuary in Thailand! Founder Katie fell in love with the 2 cats, she knew she wanted to bring them to the café as they would get all the love and attention they needed right here at Mog on the Tyne. She was asked if she could take them on and so we raised enough money to bring the cats over, all in the form of donations received from the amazing customers who came to Mog on the Tyne.
Having Wobble and Ballet at the café ensures that they will have the best quality of life possible. Both cats were born around the same time but not in the same litter, with the neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This neurological disorder is not progressive and they have both had the disorder since birth. You will see both cats being adorable wobbling about the café, but don’t worry they are both very happy and healthy!