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Our newest little furbaby is Dusk. He is an adorable fluffy kitten and so is looking like he’s going to be long haired. He is naturally all about play time right now! He doesn’t mind sporting a little bandana too, so check out his seasonal style on your visit. You can most likely enjoy a lap cuddle too, as you are made of warms! 


Pumpkin is our certified rascal of the group! If there’s a bang, crash or clatter.. it’s pumpkin up to his usual mischief. Although being one of the youngest, he acts as quite the alpha – but the friendliest alpha you could ever meet. He likes to stretch his long body from the table casually to the kitchen door lock to try his luck everyday, you know.. just in case.


Nacho is our friendly easy going boy, who’s favourite thing in the world is his pink cushion! If you’re resting on it, beware! He definitely will force you off it so he can pad at it! It’s very cute to watch and shows he is still a baby at heart. A lot of people get confused between Nacho and Fox, but Nacho has more white – especially on his long legs with white paws too. We think he’s going to grow super tall!


Peter came to us through an Adoption Event we held with Second Chance Rescue, whilst looking for his forever home… and turns out that home was us! He has a heart of gold and eyes only looking for kitty snacks and warm laps to sleep on for an hour. 

Bear & Wednesday

Meet our new little additions to the Mog on the Tyne family Bear and Wednesday! They came to us from a farm in York and it’s safe to say they’ve settled in so quickly giving a new lease of energy to the cafe residents, even sleepy Jaffa wants to stay awake and play with them!


We have two new rescue cats from a cat sanctuary in Thailand! Founder Katie fell in love with the 2 cats, she knew she wanted to bring them to the café as they would get all the love and attention they needed right here at Mog on the Tyne. She was asked if she could take them on and so we raised enough money to bring the cats over, all in the form of donations received from the amazing customers who came to Mog on the Tyne.
Having Wobble and Ballet at the café ensures that they will have the best quality of life possible. Both cats were born around the same time but not in the same litter, with the neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This neurological disorder is not progressive and they have both had the disorder since birth. You will see both cats being adorable wobbling about the café, but don’t worry they are both very happy and healthy! 

Rehomed Cats –>

When lockdown hit and we knew it was going to be for a while, we decided to let our felines stay with friends, family and loyal customers – in snug homes that catered to their needs and with constant attention indoors of course! As time went on, our moggies got a little too comfortable and some decided they wanted to stay! That’s more than ok with us, so long as they are happy 🙂
If we ever adopt any cat that becomes unhappy or is not mixing well with our other cats anymore, we find nice new furrever homes for them! We specifically pick homes that will cater to their needs, whether it be a single cat household, a house with a garden, a house with no children etc. So here are our previous residents, which you may have had the pleasure of metting yourself in the past…