Mog on the Tyne


Ballet arrived to the café with Wobble, they were both from an animal sanctuary in Thailand. Our founder Katie fell in love with the 2 cats and was asked if she could bring them to the cat café, as they would get all the love and attention they needed right here at Mog on the Tyne. We raised money to bring the cats over, all money came from donations received from the amazing customers who came to Mog on the Tyne. Having Ballet and Wobble at the café ensures that they will have the best quality of life as possible. Both cats were born with a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. You will see both cats being adorable wobbling about the café, but don’t worry they are both very happy and healthy cats, the neurological disorder they have is not progressive, they have both had the disorder since birth. Ballet is a friendly kitty, she loves nothing more than settling down in a comfy place, usually on the settee, to have lots of stokes from all the customers, however Ballet is a very head strong kitty and will definitely will let you know what she has had enough cuddles.