Mog on the Tyne

Our Moggies and kittens are adoptees or rescues which have come from local or over seas shelters and sanctuaries.
We have re-homed them all here at Mog on the Tyne as permanent residents! We feel it’s so important to raise awareness of homeless, stray and abandoned cats and so we highly recommend adopting cats from a local shelter. Here are our moggies who are dying to meet you all…

Yokai & Kiyo

These little ladies were brought to us from Second Chance Rescue back in 2022 and have taken over the café ever since! Yokai has a certain skill set perfect for being the cream stealing queen she is and Kiyo is the loyal little cutie always by her side. 


Nacho is our friendly easy going boy, who’s favourite thing in the world is his pink cushion! If you’re resting on it, beware! He definitely will force you off it so he can pad at it! It’s very cute to watch and shows he is still a baby at heart. A lot of people get confused between Nacho and Fox, but Nacho has more white – especially on his long legs with white paws too. We think he’s going to grow super tall!


Peter came to us through an Adoption Event we held with Second Chance Rescue, whilst looking for his forever home… and turns out that home was us! He has a heart of gold and eyes only looking for kitty snacks and warm laps to sleep on for an hour. 


Finch is our little silver grey kitten, who is super playful. He’s taken a liking to human food (he’s not daft!) so watch out for this one! He’s often found tumbling around with his brother Fox or snuggling up with his sister Sparrow. We’re sure he’ll grow into his ears soon…


Fox is our ginger male kitten, with brother Finch and sister Sparrow living here in our cafe with him too! His tiger stripe fur is amazing and super soft. He loves a fuss and is super friendly with anyone. He is probably our most playful and loves to chase fast toys/feathers that are on a stick! He loafs on the floor and may even fall sleep there just incase someone decides to play, serious dedication!


This sassy little lady has to keep her two brothers (Finch and Fox) in check. She likes to get a moment to herself to relax and have a clean but usually her brothers pounce on her and boy, can she fight back! She is super friendly, likes to snuggle with her brothers at snooze time and also loves a human fuss but just like most kittens.. play time is her favourite! 


In loving memory of Gary:

Gary was the last of his triplets at the shelter and spent a couple of weeks playing around there before finding his furrever home here at the café. He was the most socialable and excitable kitten at the shelter, so we knew he would be perfect here! He is our first long haired cat and we couldn’t wait to watch him grow and see his fur thicken over the years. After being a café veteran of over 6 and a half years, he taught the newer mogs the ways of food stealing, cat cuddling and making sure that all his friends were toasty and warm when having their daily cat naps. We loved this little man, like everyone of you, he stole our hearts and will be dearly missed by so many. 


Our petite Dawn is around 2 years old and guess what, she is the mummy to Dusk! We adopted these two cuties together and they have fit in so well. A little too well some may say.. as Dawn likes to have her say! She will give you an answer back if you cross her or stop her stealing human food but will soon soften again for some strokes, she cant resist! Her big eyes stand out against her all black fur, watch you don’t mistake her for Thor as she will be very offended!


Our newest little furbaby is Dusk. He is an adorable fluffy kitten and so is looking like he’s going to be long haired. He is naturally all about play time right now! He doesn’t mind sporting a little bandana too, so check out his seasonal style on your visit. You can most likely enjoy a lap cuddle too, as you are made of warms!