Mog on the Tyne


Pumpkin is our certified rascal of the group! If there’s a bang, crash or clatter.. it’s pumpkin up to his usual mischief. Although being one of the youngest, he acts as quite the alpha – but the friendliest alpha you could ever meet. He likes to stretch his long body from the table casually to the kitchen door lock to try his luck everyday, you know.. just in case.


In Loving Memory of our little Goth boy – 

Goth was our mystical and mysterious alpha male who had a particular keen interest in sofa’s. He loved all things food, sleep and human affection. Our lone wolf will lure you in with his big puss in boots eyes for a good stroke. He definitely listened to My Chemical Romance when the humans aren’t around.

We loved watching Goth take on the roll of cool uncle with the kittens, he never failed to keep them in line and show them the ropes! He will be a massive miss in the cafe, we will speak of fond memories and tell you all about his adventures. 

Rehomed Cats –>

When lockdown hit and we knew it was going to be for a while, we decided to let our felines stay with friends, family and loyal customers – in snug homes that catered to their needs and with constant attention indoors of course! As time went on, our moggies got a little too comfortable and some decided they wanted to stay! That’s more than ok with us, so long as they are happy 🙂
If we ever adopt any cat that becomes unhappy or is not mixing well with our other cats anymore, we find nice new furrever homes for them! We specifically pick homes that will cater to their needs, whether it be a single cat household, a house with a garden, a house with no children etc. So here are our previous residents, which you may have had the pleasure of metting yourself in the past…


Gizmo now lives in South Shields keeping Moira company at home where she runs riot, eats as much as she likes, bird watches and sleeps all day long. 


Thor is our steely coloured heart throb of the group. If his ever changing fur doesn’t pull you in then his orange toned eyes will be sure to capture your attention. He love’s a good run around with his buddy Nacho and is always on the look out for mischievous opportunities. We think he’s got a soft spot for Gary but don’t tell him we told you or he’ll be super embarrassed!

He now lives with our Owner Lara and is loving his life in retirement from the cafe after 3 years of hard work looking so cute and stealing so many laps! His favourite thing to do is break into cupboards and practise his cat burglar skills while his dog brothers Kitsune and Loki cheer him on.  


Ballet arrived to the café with Wobble, they were both from an animal sanctuary in Thailand. Our founder Katie fell in love with the 2 cats and was asked if she could bring them to the cat café, as they would get all the love and attention they needed right here at Mog on the Tyne. We raised money to bring the cats over, all money came from donations received from the amazing customers who came to Mog on the Tyne. Both cats were born with a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Don’t worry they are both very happy and healthy cats, the neurological disorder they have is not progressive, they have both had the disorder since birth.
Wobble and Ballet now live with founder Katie in her home as they need constant attention and special care, so they are now in the best hands for their quality of life!


Stan the man, the absolute legend. He was the local celebrity and we are so proud to have rescued him! His tongue will forever be iconic. As age was catching up with him, he’s now retired in Yorkshire in the purrfect family home. Keep up with his antics on instagram: @stan_is_a_cat


Rum and sister Sybil are now living in their big lockdown furrever home together and now roam outside too, fulfilling their wild tendencies as half bengals!